Movement instructors, practitioners and therapists have chosen OBLO The Original Motion Wheel to optimise their own postural balance and that of their apprentices or patients.

OBLO The Original Motion Wheel

The first wheel-shaped active seating for your workout and your postural balance: from Pilates to postural training, from Yoga to stretching, in the gym or at home.


improves your ability to react


supports the efficiency of your exercises


stimulates (increases) correct postural balance


All the advantages of an active seating coupled with great stability. OBLO improves the efficiency of your workout without having to worry about loosing balance.


A real gym at your house. OBLO meets the natural need to move of adults, and children’s movement skill development.


OBLO optimises postural balance by triggering movement when seated, while improving concentration and leaving you free to think.



OBLO The Original Motion Wheel is made of materials, that are 60% biodegradable, 90% recyclable and 100% non-toxic.

Social Responsibility

IUPLA builds relationships based on social responsibility and ethics.

Motor skill education

IUPLA inspires body awareness in order to consolidate movement as a sustainable habit.

Supports Research

IUPLA supports the research for optimal and sustainable human movement.

Discover OBLO in all its colours!

What they say about OBLO

I use it for myself and for my patience, adults as well as children. I believe it to be useful in order to keep a healthy sitting position during my daily activities. Above that, it’s fantastic for relaxing and stretching at the end of your day.

Eleonora G. physiotherapist

Lately, among my workout tools I have integrated OBLO, creating new exercises in order to respond to a variety of physical discomforts or just to increase mobility.

Giuliana D. postural gymnastics instructor