About Us

Who we are

IUPLA s.r.l.s. is a young Italian company that invented OBLO The Original Motion Wheel, a workout tool to support the physiological need of the human body to move and to fight sedentary lifestyles, by stimulating coordination, sustainable habits and postural balance.


IUPLA rethinks every day objects, to educate and spread knowledge on how to take care of the body and develop its potential. That is why IUPLA supports training for children and adults, because it is of fundamental importance to take care of your body, to get to know its potential and its limits, and so be able to cope with it.


We want to inspire people to actively research body awareness, to take care of themselves and consolidate movement as a sustainable habit.

"Movement is a right and a need." Frey Faust


Social Responsibility

IUPLA builds relationships based on social responsability and ethics: a company is not the sum of its people and goods, but also, and above all, the value of the relationships that it establishes among people and the positive impact that it generates on society.
IUPLA, convinced that change is necessary, entrusts its logistics to GERICO Soc. Coop. Sociale ONLUS, a cooperative in Fano (Italy) whose mission is the re-integration of disadvantaged subjects into work-life, as well as the strengthening of community values since over twenty years.
The Cultural Association Spazio AE (Altra Economia) born out of the cooperative Gerico, offers a wide range of services, courses and labs on topics like health, environmental sustainability, political awareness and sustainable lifestyles.
The Association promotes educational tools, such as training for teachers in schools in collaboration with Manuela Martella (CEO of IUPLA) and IUPLA.

Eco-Sustainability and Environment

From the beginning, IUPLA adopts eco-sustainable politics, a culture of recycling, and a production based on a low environmental impact. An essential path for the company in the process of improvement. OBLO The Original Motion Wheel is made of high quality materials, sustainable, ethical and transparent.